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Here you take on the world with a dog, a cat, a bunny, a parrot, a racoon, a peacock, a monkey, a tiger, a snake, a bear, a wolf, a frog, a cheetah, a lepardm, a horse or a lion.
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 Savour (Female), Coconut (Male), Buddy (Male)

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Savour (Female), Coconut (Male), Buddy (Male) Empty
PostSubject: Savour (Female), Coconut (Male), Buddy (Male)   Savour (Female), Coconut (Male), Buddy (Male) Icon_minitimeFri Feb 06, 2009 2:07 pm

Species: Feral Cat
Name: Savour
Nickname: Sav
Gender: Female
Size: Large (For a wild cat.)
Fur Color: As the picture shows.
Eye Color: As the picture shows.
Personality: Strong minded, confident, smart. She has guts and doesn't like to eat often. Savour also tends to wonder about and ignore all rules. She is wild at spirit, caught by a Indian tribe and sold through the black market until being rescued and now sold to a loving family. She needs a family who can tend to her every small need. As she has arthritis in her paws.
Picture*: Savour (Female), Coconut (Male), Buddy (Male) DSC08335

Species: Cat
Name: Coconut
Nickname: Nut, Coco, Choo
Gender: Male
Size: Medium
Fur Color: Same as the picture provided.
Eye Color: Same as the picture.
Personality: Coconut is a adorable loving fat cat with a huge heart. He loves to lazy around with his owners and hang about. New things, and things being moved around too much, scare him. Lightning storms make him skittish as well.
Picture*: Savour (Female), Coconut (Male), Buddy (Male) DSC00145

Species: Cat
Name: Buddy
Nickname: Bud
Gender: Male
Size: Large
Fur Color: Same as Picture.
Eye Color: Same as picture.
Personality: A fat adorable kitten with a edge to killing. he loves to hunt down his own prey and such, birds are a special adore of his.
Picture*: Savour (Female), Coconut (Male), Buddy (Male) CIMG0064
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Savour (Female), Coconut (Male), Buddy (Male)
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