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Here you take on the world with a dog, a cat, a bunny, a parrot, a racoon, a peacock, a monkey, a tiger, a snake, a bear, a wolf, a frog, a cheetah, a lepardm, a horse or a lion.
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 About Me/My Ideas/My Comments

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PostSubject: About Me/My Ideas/My Comments   Thu Feb 05, 2009 2:38 pm

Alright, I want you all to know who I am as a player, not as a roleplayer or anything else. I want you all to know I take my role play seriously, but to a point. If I am OOC (Out Of Character) than please do not take me seriously, if I am IC (in character) Than my character is being serious, not me. I am not one to text talk, and I have a hard time reading it. I am obsession about text talking and typos, there is a difference!
Text talking is you know the word, you just fail to spell it all the way, to me, it is a foolish act and it makes us all look dumber than we really are. x3
Typos are when you try to spell the word right, but make a mistake on it.

Also, on the matter of forums administration. A forum is NOT ran by one single person, it is the people who join the forum that make the forum. If all the people left, what do you have? Just a pile of post on a dull page.

Alright, these forum needs some typo corrections, but that can wait my friends. xD
It needs a idea, questions, and comments section for members to express their concerns. I myself have run over 28 forums in the past, they lead themselves far blond what I thought they would, so left it to close friends. I am in currently a few small close united forums.

I do see this is a organized forum for being this type, I myself prefer proboards, though I can't be picky about what the creator choices for the forums basis. I think it needs some basis rules and non-permanent rules section also.

This is my thoughts, feel free the do CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and comment and talk about yourself here too.
I hope I enjoy my time here. x3

Also, a side note, I was once joined here but went crazy inactive. Since than I have grown into a much more mature person. If you remember me, awesome, x3 If not, than do not try, as I am starting a new.
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About Me/My Ideas/My Comments
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