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Here you take on the world with a dog, a cat, a bunny, a parrot, a racoon, a peacock, a monkey, a tiger, a snake, a bear, a wolf, a frog, a cheetah, a lepardm, a horse or a lion.
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Kendra Empty
PostSubject: Kendra   Kendra Icon_minitimeThu Jul 10, 2008 8:22 am

Her girly looks
Kendra 2rhb611
Kendra 1t0znt

Her punk looks
Kendra 24bsrbp
Kendra 1zoeuz6
Kendra 2ql5wu0
(without the tail and the cat ears... also she has short shotrs on Shocked )

Name:Kendra (nickname is Cat)
Race: white (christian)
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: pic
Favorite Color: dark pink
Personality (Three Sentances): She is a girl with many different sides to her. She often switches her looks from girly to punk every few days. She is pretty flirty, but knows not to go too far in relationships.
History (Three Sentances): She lived for many years with her mother and father along the beach in a beach house. She picked up how tos urf by watching the boys on the beach. She decided to join them one day in surfing, and she picked up a lot of friends. When she got back home that day, she was stunned.

Her father had gotten a chance at a new job, but it was all the way in the desert. Her mother and father said that they all had to move, but she refused. Eventually they left without her, not able to wait anymore.
*she is fifteen
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