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PostSubject: Tazmine   Wed Jul 09, 2008 2:43 pm

Her when she was rich

Her now poor

Name: Tazmine (nickname is Taz)
Gender: female
Race: Mexican
Hair Color: really dark brown (almost black) hair with red streaks
Eye Color: brown
Favorite Color: orange
Personality (Three Sentances): She is a tomboy for sure. She is also a tough fighter, and won't back down if you challenge her. Her motto is, "If you make fun of me, get ready to feel a knuckle in your face."
What he/she Likes to Do: She likes to run, stargaze, and just lie on the grass.
History (Three Sentances): She used to be one of the richiest girls in the world, and was known nationally. Her and her mother and father were on a vacation in Ireland when her parents got shot by people wanting to steal their money, and took Taz with them since she was a witness and was the only way they could take her mother and father's money that was in the bank. She was kept in a cold basement tied to a chair. She had stayed there for three weeks with little food and water, refusing to help them. They finally threatened to kill her and the rest of her family back where she lived if she didn't, so she had to help them. They let her go and then they fled the country. Now she lives as a homeless orphan in Ireland, poor and desperate.
*She is fourteen
*She steals from shops so that she can take care of herself, and also to sell some of the stuff she owns for money to use.
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